Emotional Abuse Breakthrough - Emotionally Abused

Nothing Is More Damaging Than Living With a Manipulating Emotional Abuser Who Strips Away Your Self-Worth and Convinces You It's Your Fault.

Physical abuse is obvious and leaves visible marks... but emotional abuse is less obvious and damages your own perceptions. It causes you to miss the red flags of manipulation and control.

Often, the victim is not fully aware it’s really happening...

"I Constantly Feel Blamed and Now I Question My Sanity"

Emotional abuse can be worse than physical abuse...

How did it get to the point that the person you love, the person you thought loved you, is treating you this way? His controlling and crazy-making behaviors are making you feel afraid, depressed and alone.

No matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, it never seems to be enough. Sometimes you even question whether you are the problem rather than your abuser.

You'd give anything for your abuser to wake up and treat you with love and kindness. And you'd feel so much better about yourself if you could just stand up for yourself without fear or guilt-trips.

Emotional abuse can be worse than physical abuse, because you can't see the scars and agony it creates.You feel so controlled that you've lost your identity and sense of self.

The awful behaviors are rooted in childhood experiences and until you understand how to heal the past and confront your abuser, you'll stay trapped in the victim role...​

Abusers Manipulate To Get What They Want, No Matter The Damage It Causes Someone Else...

Whether you're hoping to save the relationship or leave it, there IS a way forward, putting you back in control of your life and future.

I know you have a lot to consider-- children, finances, even your reputation with family and friends. I know it's scary and feels like a hopeless situation.​

But emotional abusers are bullies, and once you reclaim your power and learn to set your boundaries, they'll know that you're not going to take it anymore...​

Victims often fear if they stand up for themselves, their partner will leave or make things worse. But once you draw a line in the sand and demand a more mature relationship, your abuser will have to make a choice -- either change the behaviors or risk losing you.

Even if your partner refuses to change, you can learn to quickly recognize their manipulative tactics and stop them, making you feel more confident and in control until you decide your next steps.​

​The first goal is to help YOU have the strength and confidence to make the best decision for yourself and your family...

Introducing The Emotional Abuse Course

The Emotional Abuse Course is your complete guide to taking back your life and regaining your confidence and self-worth.

In this course you'll learn to be alert and recognize the covert emotional abuse tactics used by your partner and develop a safe but effective plan to end the abuse.

You’ll discover mind shifts and life-changing strategies that you can begin practicing right away.

Plus you'll understand why your partner abuses and if they're capable of real change.

And you'll create solid emotional boundaries that protect you and your children.​

The Emotional Abuse Course is presented on a private members only website.

You'll get 23 short easy-to-follow audio lessons to listen to on your computer or download to take with you when you're on the go. You'll also get 23 step-by-step worksheets that accompany each lesson. And you'll get 3 guided meditations on Releasing Limiting Beliefs, Relieving Anxiety, and Nurturing Self-Esteem and Confidence.

The Emotional Abuse Course 

Inside the private course you'll get:

23 Lessons | 23  Worksheets | Lifetime Access | 60-day Guarantee

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Here's What You Will Learn In The Course

  • The psychological disorders that feed emotional abuse
  • Why emotional abusers prey on their partners
  • How to resist the twisted dynamic of an emotionally abusive relationship
  • Why abuse victims are attracted to emotional predators
  • The childhood baggage that leaves you vulnerable to dominators
  • How to safely vent your rage to feel validated and unchained
  • How to restore your shattered identity and sense of self
  • How to cope with hopelessness and despair in long-term abuse
  • How to stick to your non-negotiable boundaries, even if it means walking out the door
  • The critical, iron-clad deal breakers that should cause you to pack your bags
  • How to successfully navigate inner conflict and turmoil about leaving
  • How to effectively confront your abuser about their unacceptable behaviors
  • What it really takes for an abuser to make lasting change
  • How to manage the resistant abuser if you choose to stay
  • How to protect your children from an emotional abuser
  • The 11-step preparation plan before you walk out the door
  • The self-esteem boosting blueprint for a stronger new you
  • The power of personal responsibility and a growth mindset
  • How to establish the new baseline for a healthy, intimate relationship to use for life
  • The next steps to create an abuse-free future

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I don’t want you to spend one more minute being abused and manipulated. I want to help you stop living in guilt, fear and shame.

Take the first step to find your own voice again and end the emotional warfare.

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