What Are Your Emotional Triggers?

Ever gone from zero to furious in a second — just because of something someone else said or did?

Then you probably have a fair idea of what your anger triggers are.

But what about other emotions?

One person who’s normally pretty confident might feel suddenly insecure when triggered by something he hears, sees, or even smells.

Another who’s normally chill even in the most stressful work environment suddenly has a full-on panic attack after getting triggered by something no one else would have suspected.

What’s at work, here? What are emotional triggers, and how do we get them?

And what we can do about them once we learn what they are?

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7 Signs Of Emotional Blackmail And How To Stop It

How do you know if you’re a victim of emotional blackmail?

You think you have a pretty good relationship overall, but those warning bells in your head have been growing louder lately.

You don’t want to call your S.O.’s behavior emotional extortion, but it often feels as though you’re performing at his or her behest with a proverbial knife to your throat.

There are good moments, though. And during those good moments, it’s tempting to think that, while your relationship has its challenges, you’re in a good place.

You’ve done what was requested of you, and you’re both riding an emotional high.

Until it ends. And it usually ends with the other person asking you to do something you don’t want to do or to buy something you don’t consider worth the expense — and then lashing out when you say “No” and attempt to explain why.

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12 Signs Of Emotionally Unavailable Women

Men and women want to experience a healthy, fruitful relationship with the person they love.

Relationships are the bonds that hold societies together. But being in a relationship is a complicated enterprise.

No two people are alike when it comes to sharing life experiences, or when it comes to falling in love.

We like to think we will fall in love with someone who can express their love in all the usual ways, but that’s not always the case.

Falling in love and being in a relationship is all about the mingling of energy and vibrations. Sometimes we cultivate a relationship with a person who doesn’t vibrate in the same energy field as we do.

Men are usually the emotionally unavailable culprits in a relationship, but millions of women have the same unavailable vibration.

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8 Ways To Cope In Emotionally Abusive Relationships

You can’t believe you’re in this situation.

How did it happen?

Everything was so great in the beginning. You were so in love. You were such a great couple together. But then things started to change.

The cruel comments. The controlling behaviors. The subtle threats.

The one person in the world who is supposed to love you the most, who’s supposed to have your back and be your closest confidant, is emotionally abusing you.

At first, you didn’t know what was happening. Maybe you thought it was your fault. You hoped it was just an off week, or month, or year.

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12 Surprising Forms Of Verbal Abuse


What is a word?

According to Dictionary.com, a word is “a unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds or their written representation, that functions as a principal carrier of meaning.”

Words have enormous power. As the “principle carriers of meaning,” words can lift us up or crush us.

They may be no more than sounds uttered from our mouths, but the intention behind the sounds can pack more joy or pain than the most loving touch or the cruelest physical blow.

Some people use words as subtle weapons to hurt, shame, or manipulate others.

These people are verbal abusers and tend to attract people in their lives who are susceptible to their insidious and hurtful use of language.

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